Grand Master Hillary Phang

Grand Master Hillary Phang CEO

Areas of expertise

  • As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the world’s first listed company for Feng Shui- New Trend Lifestyle Group, Grand Master Phang is highly sought after as a personal consultant for many top businessmen and politicians.
  • He has won many accolades over the years in the field of Feng Shui.
  • As one of Asia’s leading exponents of Feng Shui and Asia’s renowned authority on Feng Shui, he generously offers professional Feng Shui and Destiny Forecasting services to enlighten and improve the lives of thousands of clients.
  • Grand Master Phang sees his profession as a widely acclaimed Feng Shui Master, continues to contribute selflessly to help enlighten the lives of many; helping them to build a successful future by warding off the misfortunes in their lives.
  • His greatest achievement lies in the success of his clients.
  • This is in line with our company’s vision, “Our self-affirmation is derived from helping others to achieve”.
  • As such, he has won the respect of many individuals over the years due to his accuracy in predictions and effective ways to improve people’s general luck.

彭崧华大师 首席执行官


  • 彭大师是全球首家上市的风水命理公司——新天地集团的首席执行官(CEO),受外界高度追捧,先后担任众多全球知名商界、政界大亨的私人顾问。近年来,他在风水领域已经获得诸多赞誉。作为亚洲风水界的领军人物之一,以及亚洲著名的风水权威人士,他无私地提供专业的风水和命理服务,以启迪和提升成千上万客户的生活。
  • 彭大师在玄学和风水领域具有与生俱来的天赋,他立志成为风水大师,之后广受好评。他无私地启迪广大众生的生命,帮助他们避开生活中的不幸,获得美好未来。他最大的成就就是客户的成功,这也与我们公司的愿景一致:“我们的自我肯定源于帮助他人获得成功”。 因其精准的预测和以有效的方式改善客户运气,近年来获得了很多人的尊重。

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