Mr. Peter Huang

Mr. Peter HuangCTO

Areas of expertise

  • Mr. Huang is a computer software system developer and private equity fund manager.
  • He devoted himself to the electronic business of ancient books and participated in software system projects such as “Sikuquanshu”, “Stone Carving of the Ages”, “History of the Twenty-Four”, “Manuscript of Qing History” and “Tentong”.
  • Deep understanding of the subtleties of Chinese traditional culture, refined guqin and cymbals.
  • In 2003, it began to use network computing software to quantify the system’s combination of securities and futures analysis technology, and moved to the stock market, futures market and foreign exchange market to build a unique computerized quantitative trading system.
  • In 2014, he participated in the blockchain field and engaged in system development and blockchain cross-market quantitative arbitrage trading.
  • Life perception: Buddhism is boundless, benefiting the audience, crossing people, and immersing themselves in life.
  • At present, he is the director of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Mars Resources Investment Group, and he is devoted to the research and promotion of blockchain technology.

Mr. Peter Huang首席技术官


  • 黄先生是计算机软件系统开发和私募基金管理人。早年投身古籍电子化事业,参与《四库全书》、《历代石刻》、《二十四史》、《清史稿》、《十通》等软件系统项目。深谙中国传统文化之精妙,精习古琴和箫。2003年始利用网络计算软件量化系统结合证券及期货分析技术,转战股市,期市,汇市,构建独到的电脑量化交易体系,结合易理以道驭术,以律治心,斩获颇丰。2014年介入区块链领域,从事系统开发和区块链跨市场量化套利交易。目前为火星资源投资集团科技部总监,致力于区块链技术的研究和推广,同时管理开发ZUEN-Chain的区块链技术团队。

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