Mr. Samuel Chng

Mr. Samuel ChngCMO

Areas of expertise
  • Mr. Samuel Chng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology.
  • He has worked as a System Analyst with the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) and Singapore Exchange (SGX).
  • He then joined the financial market as a stockbroker and has since being one of the top brokers in the industry.
  • He was also the Senior Vice President of Amfraser Securities Pte Ltd and has vast experience in capital raising for listed companies, private placement and advisory of IPOs.
  • Besides securities, he also deals in the derivatives, forex and the cryptocurrency market
  • As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, he has wide knowledge of the blockchain and fintech space and is currently an investor and consultant to some fintech startups.

Mr. Samuel Chng首席市场官


  • 拥有昆士兰科技大学信息技术学士学位。 他曾担任新加坡港务局(PSA)和新加坡交易所(新加坡交易所)的系统分析师。 随后,他以股票经纪人的身份加入金融市场,并成为该行业顶尖的经纪之一。
  • 他还是Amfraser证券私人有限公司的高级副总裁,并在上市公司及私募融资与IPO咨询方面拥有丰富的经验。除了证券之外,他也参与衍生品,外汇和加密货币市场的交易。 作为加密货币的早期采用者,他对区块链和金融科技领域有广泛的知识,目前是一些金融科技初创公司的投资者和顾问。

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